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Looking Ahead Partners' management and executive team is comprised of individuals from varied and diverse backgrounds.  With over 150 years' business experience between them, they bring perspective from a wide range of professional, educational, ministerial, technical, insurance, and asset recovery backgrounds.  You may rest assured that our partners are devoted to researching all avenues and finding the exact fit for your particular situation.

Richard A. Lanham, MDiv, MRE - President and Founder
Tel - 214.998.7332 / Email - rlanham@newdirections.us

Richard “Ric” Lanham has thrived in diverse environments of guidance, counseling, training, consulting, ministry, education, and personnel developRic Lanhamment.  Ric has worked in private and commercial environments, in a variety of national and international ventures.

Most recently, Ric worked Dallas area Fortune 500 companies to help senior adults and those that were retiring determine ‘best case scenarios’ for their future.  Some of this involved setting up retirement and investment programs.  Other parts of it included developing a strategy for a business start-up or contract work.

The experience gained in that corporate setting helped Ric to realize that there are a lot of people who have not really planned for their future.   He focused his energies learning the local market, discovering programs and plans that were available from insurance companies, the federal government entitlement programs, and other sources.  His ministry and educational background collided when he felt led to start teaching people, how to help people, protect their resources and plan for the future….  Particularly in an economic season of fear and chaos.

From the conference room, to a local congregation, to university classrooms, Ric has proven himself to be a capable analyst and assessor.  These skills are foundational to his strength in guiding others toward personal and professional success.  A change agent at heart, with an inquisitive nature, Ric drives himself and others to stop looking back with fear and discontent, but to keep Looking Ahead with hope and anticipation.

All of his diverse professional experiences have been enhanced by academic pursuits, culminating in two undergraduate degrees and three graduate degrees:  Bachelor of Science Degrees in Percussion Performance from the Indiana University School of Music, and Comparative Religions from  Indiana University, followed by a Master of Divinity in New Testament, a Master of Arts in Old Testament Studies, and Master of Religious Education, all from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary.

Gigi CatoneGigi Catone - Vice President of Civic Organizations
Tel - 972.495.5423 / Email - catone11@verizon.net

Gigi Catone brings to the Looking Ahead family the experience of a long career in assisting others in the financial, administrative, personal, and professional aspects of their lives.  From serving as a Personal Assistant to many individuals, an enjoyable career in insurance and finance/banking, and the past several years as a certified Senior Market Specialist, Gigi has had the opportunity to touch people's lives in a positive way at every turn.  Her dedication to her clients, in addition to her meticulous attention to detail, has made her very much in demand for consultation, from individuals as well as civic and senior organizations and associations.

"In today's world, where Seniors are being more active and enjoying their post-career lives for a longer period, it is more important than ever that they are able to keep their lifestyle intact, as opposed to seeing it disappear.  I enjoy helping direct them to ways that they can ensure  they have more of their hard-earned assets available to support them in their leisure."

Fernando Fredd - Vice President of Legal Affairs
Tel - 972.741.0536 / Email - ffredd5115@aol.com

Fernando hails from Selma, Alabama, where he grew up during the much publicized Civil Rights movement that focused the nations' attention on his hometown.  After graduating from Tuskegee University with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Fernando enjoyed a long career with International Paper before settling in North Texas in 2003. 

"As a product of the Baby Boomer generation, I have a thorough understanding  of the challenges we face when trying to prepare for the uncertainty - the many decisions that must be made - concerning health care, children's college expenses, and retirement.  I have noticed in my professional experience that many people make the mistake of depending on Social Security and Medicare to fill in all the health care gaps during retirement."

Fernando's experience and knowledge of the profession allows him to provide our clients with the kind of resources needed to successfully plan, invest, and grow the income necessary to meet their goals.